Create Template From Itinerary

Would you like to save your itinerary for further reuse? Here are the steps to follow

Steps to create template from itinerary 
    • When in the planner, click on TO-Tools
    • Select Create Template From Itinerary
    • Add a title and a description
    • Select if you want it to be Public or Custom
    • Select if you want to publish it right away or if you would like to polish it in the cockpit

Public templates are visible for any user that logs into your instance

Custom/Non Public templates will not be visible for external agents logging into your instance


In this tutorial: 

  • Creating a new template based on your current itinerary
  • Difference between custom and public templates
Save Itinerary as Template 1080p

Please note:  Be aware that added flight components will not be saved in the template.