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Customer Itineraries - Options

The options drop down menu offers various actions that can be used on existing itineraries

The options available depend on the status of an itinerary.

Option Description Article 
Edit/Book Itinerary This opens the itinerary in the Planner, where it is possible to change various components of the trip and/or where the booking can be completed. Read more
Show Booking Summary

Shows the booking summary.

This option appears only after the booking has been confirmed by the supplier.

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Copy Route This option allows the copying of an already existing itinerary to use for a new customer. Read more

Show Itinerary Proposal / Show Travel Documentation

Displays the itinerary proposal.

Unlike with the PDF download, it is possible to choose what information is displayed in the proposal before downloading it.

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PDF Download Downloads a compact version of the itinerary proposal. Read more
Delete Itinerary 

An itinerary can be deleted.

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Edit Customer

It is possible to edit a customer.

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Send Link to Customer 

A link with the itinerary can be send to the customer.

As long as the itinerary is not yet confirmed, the itinerary will open in planner and can be edited.

Once the itinerary has been confirmed however, the link will be showing the Travel Documentation.

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