Is there a test system?

Any TripBuilder setup comes always with a test system where one can try out things risk-free

For every TripBuilder setup, Nezasa sets up several environments among them an environment called staging which can be used as test environment.

The URLs are generally as follows:

  Production Test

where my-id has to be replaced by your setup's ID.                                                                            

Please Note: Your productive domains might have been white-labeled and therefore don't follow the schema above. Domains of the test system are never white-labeled.

Important Remarks

  • Data
    • The database of the test system is reset every 2 weeks! There are no backups.
    • While resetting, the productive data is cloned, anonymized and then inserted into the test system. Modifications and changes done in the test system cannot be taken over to the productive system.
  • Access 
    • The same credentials you have in your productive system can be used.
  • Emails
    • Please note that the test environment doesn't send any emails. Instead, emails are logged in a service called 
  • Bookings
    • No live bookings are performed in the test environment. Whenever possible, test systems of suppliers are used.
    • It is possible that some suppliers do not provide a test system which means that they are not available in our test environment either.
  • Online Payments
    • Our test environment uses the test environments of the payment providers. This means you'll have to use the official test credit cards, etc. of the payment provider (Payyo, Datatrans, Adyen).