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Itinerary Option - Copy Route

Learn how to copy a particular itinerary to re-use, while keeping the original itinerary unaltered

Steps to copy an itinerary 

  • Go to Customer Itineraries 
  • Search for the itinerary which should be copied 
  • Click on Options
  • Click on Copy Route

By clicking Copy Route, the platform leads the user to the explore detail page, where the user would only need to add a new start date and number of pax to plan the same itinerary again for a new customer. 

  • Click Start Planning 

By clicking Start Planning a copy of the selected itinerary will be created.                                     

Oct-19-2020 18-17-36

    Note: After clicking on Start Planning a new itinerary with own itinerary id is created. The new itinerary can be accessed via Customer Itineraries or Customer Care.