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Itinerary Option - Edit/Book Itinerary

Learn what the edit/book itinerary option allows you to do

Steps to edit an itinerary

  • Go to Customer Itineraries 
  • Search for the itinerary which should be edited 
  • Click  on Options
  • Click on Edit/Book Itinerary

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By clicking Edit/Book Itinerary, the platform leads the user to the planner, where all details of the itinerary can be modified.

    All modifications applied will be automatically saved for this itinerary. Each modification will be confirmed by a message in a green label on the right top corner of the screen.

    Note: Only itineraries which are not confirmed by supplier can be edited. 


    Steps to book an Itinerary 

    In order to book an itinerary, the same steps as to edit an itinerary should be followed. 

    Once the user is in the planner and the required modifications (if any) have been applied, the user should click on 

    • Checkout Now or 
    • Book Directly 

    Once clicked the use starts the checkout process, consisting of five steps

    Travel Details The user has to add the traveler information.
    Availability Re-check Availability check of all selected components/products takes place directly via the API's of the integrated suppliers. 
    Payment The user has to add the payment details.
    Booking The actual booking at the integrated suppliers takes place. 
    Booking confirmed Once this step is reached, the booking is done and confirmed by the suppliers.
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    Note: The booking process steps may differ depending on your configured checkout workflow setup.