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Itinerary Option - Send Link to Customer

Learn how to send a link of the itinerary to the customer

Please Note: 

The sending link to customer option will be only available for customers with an enabled IBE


Steps to edit customer details 

  • Go to Customer Itineraries 
  • Search for the itinerary which should be send 
  • Click on Options
  • Click on Send Link to Customer

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When clicking Send Link to Customer, the following form will be displayed: 

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The form includes the following details: 

Link The link to the planned itinerary that the customer will receive in the mailbox.
Email Email address to be entered where the link should be send to.
First and last name First and last name to be entered of the person who should receive the email. 
Overwrite contact details The option of overwriting the customer details on the itinerary with the details indicated in the form. 

Click on Send Email to send the itinerary link to your customer.                                                        


If the tour is not confirmed yet, the tour will be opened in the planned and can be edited.

Once the tour has been confirmed, the link will open the Travel Documentation.