Use domain white-labelling to load TripBuilder from your own domain.

Domain masking or domain white-labelling refers to replacing Nezasa’s out-of-the-box provided domains with your own. 


  Portal IBE
TripBuilder Defaults    
White-Labelled Domains app.your-domain.com ibe.your-domain.com

In the above example, represents the identifier that was generated for your setup. your-domain.com is your main domain. The white-labelled domains are just examples, you can freely choose the sub-domain to your liking. 

Why should I white-label my domains?

There are different reasons why you might consider white-label your domain:

  • Hide TripBuilder
    You want to completely hide the brand "TripBuilder" and want to make it look like the technology comes from you. 
  • Third-Party Cookie Restriction (only IBE)
    Due to the third-party cookie restriction of browsers, the TripBuilder IBE cannot use cookies (user preferences or analytics may not work due to that). By white-labelling the TripBuilder IBE domain and making sure that the IBE loads from the same domain as your website where the IBE is embedded, this restriction can be resolved.

Nezasa highly recommends white-label at least the IBE domain due to the third-party cookie restriction. For the portal domain, it is completely up to you if it should be white-labelled or not.

How much does it cost? 

Due to the third-party cookie restrictions of browsers, Nezasa is offering the domain white-labelling for the IBE free of charge.

The white-labelling of your portal domain may come with an additional fee. This depends on your current product plan.

What about HTTPS and certificates?

TripBuilder always runs on HTTPS. The HTTPS certificate is generated with AWS ACM (Amazon Web Services Certificate Manager). You don't have to provide a certificate for the white-labelled domains, therefore. 

How to set up white-labelled domains?

  1. Choose your sub-domains to be white-labelled
  2. Create a support ticket with your request 
  3. Nezasa will adjust the configuration of your TripBuilder setup and trigger the generation of the certificates.
  4. Add the CNAME records to your DNS config that will be provided by Nezasa as a result of step 3.  Per white-label domain, 2 CNAME records will be required:
    • CNAME 1 is for the actual domain mapping
    • CNAME 2 is a CNAME entry used for certificate verification. Please note 
      Important: there is a 72h window to add this record because of the certificate generation.
  5. Once the CNAMEs are configured, Nezasa support will verify if everything works as expected.

How to add a CNAME record?

The exact steps will depend on your provider. But generally, they always look similar:

  1. Access the DNS settings where your domain or your DNS settings are hosted.
  2. Create a new DNS record of type "CNAME".
  3. The name should be the sub-domain you have chosen (e.g., IBE in the example at the beginning of this article).
  4. The value of the record would be the target domain, as provided by you to Nezasa.

Adding a CNAME record is a very common use case and you'll find the instructions in the knowledge base of your hosting company.

Here are the links to some of the more common hosting companies:

Frequently Asked Questions

What value should I set as TTL (time to live) on the CNAME entry?

There is no requirement from Nezasa's side. Please talk to your IT admin/architect or use the default value proposed by your DNS hosting.


Do I need to create additional sub-domains mentioned in the CNAMEs?

No. Only the CNAMEs as instructed need to be created.






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