Checkout is the final stage of the itinerary planning process where users are guided through a series of checkout steps in order to complete the booking. The steps depend on the underlying configuration of the checkout as well as the content of the itinerary.

Checkout Steps

The checkout process is divided into several steps. Find out more about the different steps below. 


Travelers Details

Availability Check

Booking Summary and Payment


Booking Confirmed

Provide details on each of the travelers as well as contact and billing information.

The system will check if all the planned products are still available to be booked.

You will get a summary of the trip, the total amount to be paid, and the payment method to be used.

Once confirmed, the booking will be processed.

If the booking has been successful, you get a confirmation.


Traveler Details

On the first part of the traveler details screen, you will be asked for the contact details:

  • Please use the main contact details in case the trip is for multiple travelers.

  • Use the checkbox Use the same address for billing to save time in case the billing party does not differ from the contact party.


On the second part of the traveler details screen, you will be asked for the contact details for each one of the travelers:

  • Save time and use the checkbox Passenger 1 as main contact to copy the contact person from above and use it also as 1st traveler.

  • Please note that you need to fill in additional fields here: Passport Number, Nationality, Place of Birth, and Gender.

Only if the rental car is booked:

  • In case a rental car is booked, the label DRIVER is shown next to the 1st traveler.

  • Therefore please add the main driver of the car as Traveler 1 


Please Note:

For Premium and Enterprise Customers, these fields can be changed according to the White Label preference. It is possible to configure this step to gather the details of all travelers or only those of the main contact passenger. Each contact field name can be set as: required, optional or hidden. 

Availability Check

A re-availability check is performed during checkout to confirm availability and update prices on all travel components.

  • First, you will see the availability check running.

  • This step might take up to 30 seconds, so please be patient.

  • After the availability check has been completed, there are two different results which are further explained below:

    • Availability Check successful

    • Availability Check failed


The availability check has two possible results:

:check_mark: Availability Check successful

In case all products are still available, the availability check will show a confirmation and you will be forwarded to the payment screen.


:cross_mark: Availability Check failed

This screen will show the details of the planned travel products that are still available, those which are not, or those which the price has changed.

You have now two options:

  • You can go back to the planner and replace the travel products that are not available anymore or for which the price has changed (recommended).
  • You proceed to the checkout. In this case, the travel products that are no longer available will not be booked. When prices for some of the products have changed, the payment due will be modified to fit those changes (not recommended).

Information or Terms & Conditions for Activity Providers

These steps only take place if you added activities to your plan and the provider requires additional information. 

Additional Information for Activity Provider:

In case you added activities to your trip, you will be asked to provide the following information for each of the passengers:

  • Passenger Weight/s

  • Date/s of Birth

  • Passenger Height/s


Terms and condition for Activity Provider

After you have provided additional details of the passengers for the activities, you will need to accept the specific terms of the activity.


Booking Summary and Payment 

After the availability check, you will be forwarded to the third step out of five: Booking Summary and Payment. In this stage, the details of the trip and travelers are summarized, as well as all terms and conditions that must be accepted in order to proceed with the confirmation of the booking. Promo Codes shall be redeemed at this point to apply discounts on the itinerary. 



Booking Summary

  • The first part of the Booking Summary and Payment page consists of:

    • a short summary of the trip your planned,

    • the cost of the trip

    • the passenger data

  • Via Show Itinerary Details you have the possibility to see all details of the trip in order to run a final check.

  • Please carefully check all the information presented here as some cannot be changed later (i.e. passenger data).


  • On the payment section, you can select the Payment Method e.g. Credit Card 


Please Note:

Marketplace Customers are generally enabled for credit card payment only. 

Premium and Enterprise Customers are able to define if online payment (credit card), billing statement, or both payment methods should be displayed at this stage, depending on the checkout workflow.

Terms and Condition 

The last section presents the relevant disclaimers in order to book the trip. Please read them carefully before you accept them.


After you have accepted the terms and conditions, click on the Book and Pay Now Button.

If you selected Online payment, an additional step with a payment form will be prompt to secure the booking. The Payment Gateway is the one defined in Cockpit Settings. 

  • Enter the credit card number
  • The name of the credit card holder 
  • Expiry Date and 
  • CVC

At the end hit the Pay button to finalize the payment. 


Please Note:

Marketplace customers are set to Payyo as one of our integrated Payment Gateway providers. Find more details about Payyo here. 


After you have confirmed the booking and submitted the payment, you will get to the fourth step out of five: Booking


Keep in mind that this step might take up to 30 seconds, since a package tour consists of several travel products, so all of them will be booked individually via the connected suppliers.

Booking Confirmation 

After the booking has been made, you will get to the fifth and last step: Booking confirmation

:check_mark: Booking confirmed

Once all the travel products have been successfully booked, you will get a booking confirmation (also sent via email).

Click on the provided link to view the booking confirmation on a separate page. Use the provided Itinerary ID to view all details of your booking in Customer Care


:cross_mark: Booking failed

In very rare cases a booking can fail even though it has passed the final availability check without problems. Please go back to the travel planner and adjust your itinerary in order to solve the problem.

If the problem persists, you may contact us for further help here


To do a test booking, to see how the checkout workflow functions, use your test environment. Find more details here.



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