Learn how to set multi-connections between stops while creating or adjusting a route in the RouteBuilder!

Multi-connections will allow you to add additional transport connections to your itinerary in between stops, and to choose the desired means of transportation. 

Steps to create a multi-connection:

  • Click on Edit Route
  • Open your itinerary's RouteBuilder
  • Click on the mean of transportation drop-down between two stops (Rental Car is usually set by default)
  • Select Multi-Connections, at the bottom of the drop-down
  • Add as many connections as required to get from one stop to the other
  • Select the means of transportation to be used between connections
  • Click update to have the Multi-Connection added to your route 
  • Click update again to see the different transfer connections between the stops in the Planner 

Please Note: 

for Marketplace Customers

  • Details for Shuttle and long-distance transfer types can be defined in the transportation step in the planner
  • Details for the car ride transfer type can be defined in the rental car step in the planner

In this tutorial: 

  • Building a connection with several stops and means of transportation in the RouteBuilder 

Any connection can be built between two stops using the multi-connection feature. Just try it out. 




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