Learn how to create and use promo codes within TripBuilder.

1. How to create a promo code?

a. Create Promo Code

b. Conditions

c. Events

2. Publishing 

3. Using Promo Codes 

a. Customer Care

b. Checkout Process

Promo code is short for Promotion Code, which is a code that agents or customers can use to add a discount or similar to a booking. They can be added to an itinerary, either during the checkout process, or in the Customer Care overview area. 

Please Note: Promo codes are not generally enabled. Please send us an inquiry here

1. How to create a promo code? 

In order to load a promo code, please make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Promo code
  • Title of the promotion
  • Information on the discount type (percentage or absolute) and value
  • Conditions, e.g. description of conditions, minimum sales price, maximum number of redemptions, validity.

Steps to create a promo code:

  • Go to Customer Care
  • Click on Promo Codes


  • Click on Create Promo Code 
    • Enter the Promo Code name or click on the Generate Code button to create a system-generated code 
      • Self-defined codes can be used to specify a specific promotion occasion.
        Example: "Summer18", "FlyHigh19"
      • If no specific code is needed and/or required, it is possible to create a random code by clicking on Generate Code. A computer-generated code will then be inserted into the field.
        Example: W5437LPZ
    • Enter the title of the promotion 
      • Add a descriptive title for the promotion.
        The title is only visible in the Backend and can be used to sort the Promo codes. The titles cannot be used to add the discount. For that, you have to use the code itself.
    • Choose between one of the two discount types: Percentage or Absolute.
    • Insert the value of the discount in percentage or as an absolute value.
    • Click Save to open the full promo code mask

Additionally to the added promo code information, conditions and events are now displayed on the promo code masks as well. 

  • Conditions
    • Enter Text Condition 
      • Describe the conditions which have to be met for the promo code to be valid.
        This text will be displayed during the checkout process. 
    • Insert the Minimum Sales Price
    • Define the Max. Number of Redemptions
      • Define how often the same code can be redeemed. The standard number is set to 10, but can be changed to any other number. 
    • Add an Expiration Date
    • Add the Trip takes place between 
      • Define the time frame, during which the promo code is valid. 
  • Events
    This part will show any updates of the promo code used after publication. For example:
    • Promotion Published 
      • Date and time the promo code has been published. 
    • Promotion Redeemed
      • Date and time the promo code has been redeemed, plus the associated itinerary ID for which the Promo Code has been used for. 
    • Promotion Deleted 
      • Date and time the promo code has been deleted. 

Please Note: A newly created and saved promo code automatically has the status Draft assigned.

2. Publishing

In order for a promo code to be used, it must be published.

Promo Codes which remain in a Draft status will return a validation error.

Click on the action menu, on the right-hand side symbolized by three dots, and select Publish.


Please Note: Once published, a promo code cannot be edited.

3. Using Promo Codes

Promo codes can be added to an itinerary, either in the customer care section, or during the checkout process:

Customer Care

Any user with access to the Customer Care overview section, and a valid promo code, can add the promo code here. 

  • Go to Cockpit
  • Click on Customer Care 
  • Click on the Itinerary ID to which you want to add a promo code
  • Click on the Actions button on the right-hand side and choose Add Promo Code from the drop-down list.
    • Enter a published promo code in the pop-up window
    • Click OK

The promo code is now validated and, if successful, added to the itinerary. The discounted amount will only be displayed under Services & Price List.


To remove a promo code from an itinerary, click on Actions and choose Remove Promo Code.


Checkout Process

Any customer with a valid published promo code can add the code during the checkout process, in the respective text field.

In the payment area, the code can be added into the Add Promo Code field.

After successful validation:

  1. The discounted amount will be displayed beneath the subtotal.
  2. The discount is deducted from the subtotal, resulting in a new total price.
  3. The text entered under "Conditions" is displayed beneath the total price.


Please Note: Only one promo code can be added per itinerary. Applying another code will overwrite the first discount. 

Promo codes can only be removed from an itinerary in Customer Care.




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