Rental cars are used as connections in Templates. Each transfer is a single product and has a specific start and end location.

The pick-up and drop-off locations of a rental car have to be the same as the stops added to a template in order to select them properly. 

How to create inventory rental cars? 

In order to load a rental car, please make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Description of the rental car
  • Net prices for the rental car period (days)
  • Representative, high-quality pictures of the rental car (we suggest 2-6)

Steps to create an inventory transfer

  • Go to Cockpit
  • Click on Inventory
  • Click on Products
  • Click on Rental Cars


  • Click on the button Create Rental Car to open the following screen and enter the required information. 

Please Note

All required fields are marked with a *



  • Add the Name of the Rental Car
  • Choose the contracted Currency 
    • Please note: This is only possible while creating the rental car. Once you click Save, the currency cannot be changed for this rental car anymore.
  • Click Save
    • After clicking Save, the draft of the rental car will be created and you will be redirected to a new page. 

Please Note

The Rental Car will not be created and the information won't be stored until you click Save. Only after clicking Save the draft of the Rental Car will be created.


The currency cannot be changed after the Rental Car is created. While the rest of the fields are open to being modified (in the draft and in future versions), the currency is considered as integral data of the Rental Car.

On the Descriptions tab, all the relevant information regarding the rental car can be added.

  • Click on Add additional Rental Car Locations 
    • All pick-up and drop-off locations of the rental car can be added and edited here.

Please Note

The locations need to be the same as the stops added to a Template, where the rental car should be available for e.g. if the Template starts in Zurich, the rental car must have a pick-up location in Zurich.

  • Click on Add included and excluded items 
    • Items or services that are included or excluded can be added here. 
      Use clear and short descriptions (e.g. Included: Mileage or Excluded: Fuel) 

Please Note

The number of items is unrestricted, but the characters are limited to 120 spaces per item. 

  • ACRISS Car Classification (official PDF of ACRISS) is a widely used rental car classification standard that ensures the provision of accurate information when booking car rentals online.
    • Enter the ACRISS Code in the field to let the system automatically pre-fill the car classification information. 

    • Or you can choose from the drop-down menu manually: 

      • car category
      • car type
      • transmission type
      • fuel and if air conditioning is available 

      Also, the number of possible passengers and transportable suitcases may be selected.

  • Use the additional information field to add any additional descriptions. 


Add Pricing Season 

On the Pricing tab, various pricing seasons and the number of days for a given price can be added. If the day range is not important, use 1 to 99.

  • Click on Durations and your required day ranges 


Please Note

  • The pricing type is set to Per Day.
  • Rental Cars must have a pricing season set, which is at least as long as the tour, in order to validate correctly on the Planner (e.g. a rental car with a price duration of 10 days cannot be used for a duration tour of 15 days).

After saving the Day range, the pricing season can be added. Add as many pricing seasons as needed. 

  • Click on Add Pricing Season and then on Choose the season dates.
    • A pop-up window will open to edit the pricing season. Several season tables can be added and there are two possibilities of adding. 
    • Enter a Season Name e.g. Low, High, or Peak Season.
      • Seasons names are optional and are for internal use only, i.e. they are not displayed on the Planner.
  • Calendar View 
    • By clicking and pulling the mouse, a continuously available season can be added, making the product available on all chosen dates.

    • Click on OK to save the season 


Please Note

To remove selected dates: click on the blue highlighted date and confirm the deletion.

List View
    In the list view, dates can be selected by choosing them from the calendar. Selecting the start and end date allows you to create a continuously available season, making the product available on all chosen dates.
  • Click on OK to save the season 


Please Note

To remove selected dates: click on the bin sign, on the right-hand side.


Once you added the different seasons needed, you are able to add a price to the season. 

  • Add your price below the day of each season. 



Do not forget to hit the SAVE button on top of the page to make sure to save your changes. 


Adding Amenities 

To add amenities to your rental car, go to the amenities tab:


Clicking on Add Amenity opens a window

  • Add the Name of the amenity 

  • Select the Type of the amenity 
  • Click OK to create the amenity 


Please Note

While all other information can be edited, the amenity type cannot be changed after creation.


After clicking OK you will be directed to the detail page of the amenity.

  • Select an Inclusion Policy
  • Select a Pricing Type, is charged and must be available options 
  • Select the Charge Type option
  • Add a Pricing Season and Price (same function as for pricing)
  • Click Save


There are several inclusion policies offered for amenities, which have an impact on what can be selected in the Planner and how it is displayed.

Inclusion Policy Pricing Type Description
Optional by default not selected  Price per pax/car

The amenity has a price and can be selected by the customer.

Optional by default selected  Price per pax/car

The amenity has a price and is selected, it can be deselected by the customer.

Mandatory always selected  Included 

The amenity is included and cannot be deselected by the customer.

Mandatory always selected  Price per pax/car The price is not displayed to the customer on the Planner. The price will be listed under the included options.

Adding Pictures 

Move to the Pictures Tab to be able to add a picture to your rental car. The tab is directly linked with the picture library. 

Please Note

Pictures need to be uploaded to the Picture Library before they can be assigned to a rental car.

  • Click on the Picture Tab
  • Click on the + to access the Picture Library 
  • Select the picture that you want to add to the rental car and click on assign
  • Click Save


Additional Tabs

Learn more about the use of Additional tabs in the following overview. 

Topic Description
Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policies can be created within the Settings and will appear in the drop-down menu. See here

Or a custom cancellation policy can be defined and set directly on the product via the Add Custom Policy button. 

Tags Tags can be used to distinguish products on the platform from one another and to pull the information from the rental cars via our APIs. 
Translate If the content is offered in various languages, this tab can be used to add the translation from your created content of the rental cars. The language options displayed are based on the setup of your application. 

This tab is for internal use only. Here you are able to:

Integration The integration is used to add the external ID and system information. 

Publishing Rental Cars 

Before a rental car can be used in the Planner and added to a Module or Template, it must be published. The status of the rental car is always displayed next to the defined rental car name. 

Next to the SAVE button on the top right, you will see an action button with three dots.


  • Click on the Button 
  • Click on Express Publish to publish the rental car 
    • The status of the rental car will be set from draft mode to publish. 


Display in Planner 

Display of the selected rental car in Planner: 


Display of the rental car on the rental car overview list: 


Display of the rental car detail view: 




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