The itinerary remark functionality will allow you to add remarks to the whole itinerary, a stop of the itinerary or any selected component of the itinerary. These types of remarks are meant for the traveler, and thus visible on the travel documentation.

The feature is giving agents and tour operators more flexibility when customising the itinerary to the customers’ needs and allows you to add as many important hints, suggestions and notes as you want in order to create an unforgettable experience for your clients. 

Steps to add remarks

  • When in the planner, click on TO-Tools
  • Select Itinerary Remarks 
  • Choose to add a remarks to
    • the overall itinerary 
    • to one of the stops of the itinerary 
    • to one of the components (e.g. accommodation, activity, rental car, transfer,...) 
  • Click on the edit function on the right-hand side of the chosen element 
  • Enter the remark 
  • Click save

Please Note:

The added remarks are saved on the travel documentation as additional information.







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