The Miscellaneous tab inside the templates has several important functions that should be checked before a template is published. 


Miscellaneous Tab Functions

Availability of Template 

The availability of a template defines the dates on which the Template can be booked. 
Clicking on Regenerate will pull all the availability dates of all the default products in the template. 

Please Note

Regenerate is only possible if the template is in draft mode.


The availability of templates is based on the trip that you have or want to create. The dates displayed will be the dates selected by the user in the date picker in Explore and Planner. 

Date Range 

The available date range is based on the default product that has the shortest availability.


  • If you create a template with no added inventory products, the date range will display the first available date that the template can be booked. Depending on your settings, it can be 3 days, 30 days, or 3 months from the current date until a date far away in the future e.g 2119. This makes the template always available because the availability of added products in the planner will be checked live with the connected supplier. 

  • If, for example, an inventory accommodation is available from March to October and all the other products are available from January to December. The availability dates listed will range from March to October. 

Single Departure Date 

The available dates are based on single selected departure dates (e.g. group tours and cruises). The single departure dates selected in the calendar will be listed. 


International Flight Support 

If enabled, international flights/transportation will be featured in the Planner. This means the user will be able to search live for the best fitting flight via the connected supplier. 

If this option is disabled, the flight search step in the planner will be not shown. This can happen if, for example, you are selling domestic templates to the same market. 


Itinerary Trip Type 

When a template is created, the itinerary trip type is set, per default, to Standard (Pre/Main/Post). No changes are required here. With this itinerary trip type, many different template setups can be created. 60d2f1a82e189.png

Show Route Builder 

Per default, the route builder is enabled for any flexible template. This means that the user is able to adjust the routing of an itinerary in Planner via the edit route function. With the Show Route Builder function on the template, you are able to decide per template if

  • the route builder should be shown in Planner or not,
  • and restrict the user in Planner to adjust the routing of the itinerary. 

The default setting will show Inherit from Distribution Channel. Change to Disable of the route builder should not be shown for this particular template. 


Please Note

For further details on how to set the route builder configuration for the planner in the distribution channel settings, read the following article

Showcase Template

Mark this template as a showcase template to block the check-out/booking for itineraries based on this template. This feature may be used to showcase new trip types, destinations, etc., that should not be booked yet.



The generator of the from-prices creates sample trips (for 2 PAX) for the upcoming 12 months and will use the price (per PAX) of the cheapest possible itinerary date and store it as from-price.



  • The From-Price can also be inserted manually.
  • Clicking on Regenerate saves the Reference Date.
  • The From-Price does not update automatically. In order to regenerate a new price, the option has to be clicked and the template has to be re-published.
  • From-Prices are displayed on the Template Card on Explore and Explore Detail.


If the button Regenerate on the miscellaneous tab has been clicked today, then the date would be adjusted to the date where the cheapest available from-price is found.

Please Note

Those prices can only be generated for templates with inventory products. Templates with sourced products will always check the live available prices in Planner at the connected supplier.

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation Policies can only be set on a Template level and can be chosen from the drop-down menu. Cancellation Policies have to be previously created via Settings before they can appear in the drop-down menu.


Additional Functions based on Setup 

Additional functionalities can be enabled and shown on the miscellaneous tab.

Distribution Channel 

If you operate TripBuilder with different Distribution Channels, you have the option to decide if a template should be only displayed for a specific DC-Channel or for all. Generally, templates are displayed for all DC-Channels. Select the preferred DCs from the drop-down menu. 


Commission Rules 

Customers who work with automated processes (building Templates automatically, not manually) have the possibility to enable Commission Rules per Template.

Please Note

For further details please contact your account manager or support



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