You can use Transports Ad-Hoc Component to add transportation (except Rental cars) to your itinerary for offline contracted transportation.

Steps to add Transport ad-hoc

  • Click on To-Tools / TA-Tools

  • Click on Ad-Hoc Components

  • Click on + Add Transport Ad-Hoc Components

  • A pop-up window will open, so you can enter the details, and make your selections:

    • Incoming transport is already pre-selected, and you can select Outgoing Transport to create the trip back as well.

    • You can add a transport leg if your trip is not directly from the place of departure to the final destination. (For example, you can use this for connection flights/trains/buses). To do this, simply click on + Add transport leg, and a new form for ad-hoc transportation will show below the Incoming/Outgoing Transport, per your selection. 

    • Transportation Type *(mandatory)

      • Flight/Bus/Train

    • Class*

    • Carrier and Carrier Number

    • Date and time of departure

      • And the airport of departure

    • Date and time of arrival

      • The airport of arrival is defined by your itinerary;

    • Supplier

    • Net price/Sales Price* (for the total of the transportation, including all PAX), and Taxes (Taxes if you have that option selected on your settings in the Cockpit)

Screenshot_2022-07-04_at_15.12.04.pngAfter all, details have been entered, hit Save.

The transportation ad-hoc will be added to the itinerary, the price will be updated, and the transportation will be shown in the Planner and on the Travel Documentation:

Screenshot_2022-07-04_at_15.19.38.pngYou can also use Copy/Paste PNR and Import PNR from GDS to create your ad-hoc flights.  

Please note:

  • The feature Ad-Hoc Transports is visible for customers with marketplace supply. 

  • Ad-hoc transport connections are based on the connection of your itinerary. The main transports you are able to add ad-hoc are the international flights (in-and outbound).

  • In the route builder, you are able to change further connections to long-distance which can also be added as ad-hoc components. 


Updating ad-hoc transportation

You can update an Ad-Hoc component directly on the itinerary you’re creating by clicking on the pencil icon:


A new window will pop up, where you can make the necessary changes. After that, hit Save.


Updating ad-hoc transportation in Customer Care

If an ad-hoc transportation component was added to an itinerary, the component will be shown under the Service & Price List of the Itinerary in Customer Care:

  • Go to Cockpit

  • Click on Customer Care

  • Click on the itinerary ID

  • Go to the Service & Price List page

You’ll see the Ad-Hoc components, and all the other components you might have created (Rental cars/flights/transport/accommodation/activities) will be in their respective fields.

The stop activity ad-hoc component is displayed as a component on the list with an editing option on the right-hand side:


By clicking on the editing icon a pop-up window opens which allows applying changes to the component:


After editing, you can hit Save.