While creating a stop or a transit activity, the activity pricing type needs to be selected. This selection is crucial for the overall display and offering of the activity.

This article will focus on the details of standard activity pricing. 

Learn more about how to create a stop or a transit activity here.

Please Note

This is only possible while creating the activity. Once you click Save, the activity type cannot be changed for this activity anymore.


Adding Service Categories and Season

On the Service Categories tab, various service categories can be added. There is no restriction to the amount. 


  • Click on the Service Categories Tab 
  • Click on Add Service Category
    • Enter the Name of the service category and hit OK. The entered service category will appear on the screen. 
  • Enter a Mini Description which should be displayed with the room category if required. (optional) 
  • Select the Pricing Type 
    • Price per Group 
    • Price per Pax
    • Included
  • Click on the small calendar icon to add a Stop Sell Date (optional)
    • Specific dates where the service cannot be offered can be entered here.

Best Practice

Create a one Service Category with seasonality first.

The season tables of the service categories are copied and only have to be entered once. When changing one of the season tables, all season tables are adjusted accordingly.

Create Pricing Season

To be able to add a pricing season, you need to create a Pax Range first. 

  • Click on Create Now
    • Pax ranges can be added according to the price calculations needed. The calculation will be based on your selected pricing type, per pax or per room.


Case Use
Price ranges differ per number of Pax 1-1, 2-2, 3-3...
Price ranges are the same for a certain number of Pax, i.e. groups 1-2, 3-4, 5-10... 
Price ranges are the same for all Pax  1-99

Please Note

If the product should be bookable for more than 2 PAX, a range of 1-6 PAX should be created. Products that do not have a price for more than 2 PAX will not be visible on the Frontend for an inquiry of more than 2 PAX.

After saving the Pax range, the pricing season can be added. Add as many pricing seasons as needed. 

  • Click on Add Pricing Season and then on Choose the season dates.
    • A pop-up window will open to edit the pricing season. Several season tables can be added and there are two possibilities of adding. 
    • Enter a Season Name e.g. Low, High or Peak Season.
      • Season names are optional and are for internal use only, i.e. they are not displayed on the Frontend.
  • Calendar View 
    • By clicking and pulling the mouse, a continuous available season can be added, making the product available for all chosen dates.

    • Click on OK to save the season 


Please Note

To remove previously selected dates: click on the blue highlighted dates and confirming the deletion.

  • List View
    • In the list view, dates can be selected by choosing them from the calendar. Selecting the start and end dates allows creating a continuous available season, making the product available for all chosen dates.

    • Click on OK to save the season 


Please Note

To remove previously selected dates: click on the bin sign located on the right-hand side.

Once you have added the different seasons needed, you are able to add a price to the season. 

  • Add your price below the PAX for each season. 


If you add new service categories, the pricing seasons will be taken over from the previous one, so you only need to set them once. However, pay ranges and prices can be individually adjusted for each category. 


Do not forget to hit the SAVE button on top of the page to make sure to save your changes. 

Planner Display 

Customers can select the created service category in the planner. 

  • If an activity has only one service category added, a total price is displayed.
  • If an activity has various service categories added, the choice of service levels is displayed (increasing by price) and can be selected by the customer.




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