TripBuilder supports different languages. These are made available at two levels:

  • Cockpit Languages: languages in which the Cockpit UI can be presented. Currently, the supported languages are:
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
  • Content Languages: languages in which inventory products, modules, templates, and areas can be set up depending on your user base language. Currently, the supported languages are:
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Finnish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Dutch

This article serves as a quick introduction on how to change languages or translate products.

Cockpit Languages 

The language of the cockpit interface can be changed on the upper right toolbar:


Depending on which language is selected, the cockpit interface will automatically be adjusted to the chosen option, and the naming of the products will be displayed accordingly. 

All steps and processes in the following sections will be offered in the selected language:

  • Customer Care section
  • Inventory section
  • Titles & drop-down menus
  • Validation messages of products, Modules & Templates
  • Error messages and warnings

Content Languages and Translations

In the inventory, the switch Content-Language should be correctly set, depending on the language in which you would like to add content:


Please Note

The language of the cockpit interface can differ from the content language, e.g. if you speak English and prefer the interface to be in English, you can still load and select German content.


Loading Content 

If you support content in different languages, you can load content and its translations. 

Please ensure that the switch Content-Language is set to the language you are loading the content in before you start. 

On the grey highlighted label on each field, you will also be reminded of which content language you are currently in. 


If you have loaded the content in one language and switched to another content language, this will result in the fields being empty and displaying "XX text missing".

As soon as both languages are added, the title and descriptions will be displayed in the corresponding language.


To add the descriptions in both languages or to translate directly on the Nezasa platform, the Translations tab can be used.

By using this tab, all description fields and tabs of the product are displayed one after another to facilitate the translation process on the spot.

Please Note

Do not forget to save your changes.