Allotments are available for accommodations, activities, multi-day tours, and transfers (all means of transportation). 

For accommodations, an allotment needs to be defined for every single night. All other product types behave differently because the product itself defines a duration/length. Therefore, the allotment is defined on the starting date only.

Add Allotment

Steps to add an allotment to a Transit Activity

  • Go to Inventory 
  • Click on Products on the Navigation bar
  • Click on Transit Activities and select the desired Transit Activity
  • Click on the Allotment button on the right-hand side
  • Click on
    • Add Service Category and select a service category or
    • Add Room Category and select the rooms of the categories
  • Click on the Add Allotment button. 
  • A modal opens and asks if you want to add allotments for 
    • Use Single Day to only add an allotment for a single day. 


    • Use Multiple Days to create allotments for a couple of days at the same time. 


    • Use Series to create allotments for a series of days/weeks and define which days of the week are affected. 


  • If required, add more allotments to the service category. Simply click on Add Allotment to create another one.
  • Click Save

Please Note:

Allotments can be added to Amenities the same way as to the Service Categories.

Status Display

On the Planner, we do not show the Allotment status. Our availability checks prevent overbooking scenarios. In case of insufficient allotment units during the planning or checkout processes, a user message will be shown.


Allotment Attributes

Name Optional field to describe the allotment. The name is only for internal reference in Cockpit. 
Allotment Date

Defines the allotment start date (or general date). 

Dates can be selected while using the date picker as a single day or to ad more in a row as a date range. 

Cut-Off Date/Days Enter an exact release date or a relative release date by specifying the days relative to the start date of the allotment period.
Units Enter the number of allotment units. The semantic of "unit" depends on the underlying product type, e.g., for accommodations, it's rooms, for transport, it's seats, etc. 
Booked Units

The number of already booked units. This field is managed by the system and cannot be edited through the UI.

Remark: an allotment cannot be deleted anymore if there was at least one booking. 


The status of the allotment, i.e., open or closed.


Allotment Status Change 

To set the allotment status to close, the user needs to go to the allotment overview and manually set the allotment status from open to closed. This can be done at any time. 

Additionally, the TripBuilder system allows the enablement of an additional feature to automatically set the status to closed once the cut-off date has been reached.  

If the feature is enabled, the allotment is set to close at 2 am UTC on the cut-off day.


Please Note:

The feature flag is currently not revealed to customers within the settings. If you would like to have, this feature enabled, please contact our Customer Support

Product Allotment Search

To make the search of a specific set allotment easier, an allotment search functionality can be found in the inventory.

Inventory products can be searched and filtered by: product type, allotment date, status, units, book, etc.  



Notification for Allotment Release Dates

The release dates of allotments can be automatically reported by email. Once the feature is enabled, a system email is sent on Monday and Thursday at 5 am, 14 days before an allotment release date. 

The example screenshot shows an extract of such an allotment release date email. Bildschirmfoto_2021-12-23_um_09.10.22.png

Please Note:

The feature Release Notification must be enabled via our Support Team.


The Allotment Report "Stop & Sell"

This report contains an overview of all the allotments with their attributes. The report can be requested in Cockpit Settings / Reports. The report will then be generated in the background, and once ready, an email with the report as CSV will be sent to the admin email address of your instance.

To trigger such a report, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Reports on the lift side menu bar
  • Select the corresponding report and click on Request 
  • Once requested, and after the generation of the report, a CSV file is sent to your configured email address



Please Note:

Find an example CSV report attached at the bottom of the article. 


Booking & Cancellation

Allotment units are automatically deducted or added depending on the action that the user performs.



Frequently Asked Questions

If one service/room category of a product has an allotment, are other service categories or room categories then considered open/available for bookings? 

Yes, the service/room categories without any allotments are considered free sale. Only the service/room category with at least one allotment is not free sale anymore. For these categories, only the dates with available allotments are considered available.

Amenities also follow this behaviour. If an amenity has at least one allotment defined, then that amenity is only available on dates with available allotments.



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