The perfect travel companion as web-based application

Give your customers access to their itineraries on a mobile device throughout their entire trip, so you can easily communicate with them and let them book additional products in-destination based on their preferences!

With TripBooster, the traveller has everything at one glance: 

  • Details of the main booking with high-quality location description and pictures provided by Nezasa
  • Individual details for each product (e.g. flights, transfers, hotels, etc.)
  • Documentation and vouchers

A real upselling opportunity - the right offer at the right time: 

  • Sell additional products by sending smart recommendations to your customers during the trip, considering their given location and plans
  • Seamless integration with external suppliers
  • Online checkout and payment integration

Why TripBooster?

TripBooster is your key to incremental selling

Much more than a post-booking optimiser, TripBooster provides a new level of interaction with your customers during their entire trip.

TripBooster enhances the travel experience through easy onboarding via SMS and simple access to the travel documents.

It creates engaged travellers by asking, collecting and organising feedback, together with other usage metrics.

In addition, TripBooster increases revenue by proposing smart global offers to the travellers at the right time.


TripBooster comes in two flavours

Standalone  TripBuilder Add-on

Own licence: Bookings from your current booking engine will be imported and upsellings will be exported again via an API.

Fully integrating TripBooster with TripBuilder will enable a hyper-personalised travel experience end-to-end.


Solution Components 

We believe in simple and modular solutions, leveraged with clear communication APIs.


The cockpit is a web environment where daily operations are managed by dedicated users: e.g., itinerary uploads, booking/services management, communications and general auditing

Itinerary Importer 
  • Via CSV (manual)
  • Via JSON API (automatic)
  • Documentation for integration support with external systems (including code and CSV samples)
Customer Care 
  • Details of the imported itineraries
  • Details of booked products
  • Cancellation of upsold activities and rental cars
  • SMS delivery to the travellers for informative and upselling purposes, i.e., manual and automatic notifications.
  • Automated email delivery to Tour Operators (such as purchase and error notifications) and travellers (purchase confirmation).
Many configuration options 
  • Email templates
  • SMS templates
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy Policy / GDPR
  • External supplier management (e.g. for activities and rental cars)


Web app

An end user facing solution to check itinerary details and purchase recommended products: e.g., activities, rental cars, etc.

SMS notifications to the traveller’s mobile device

Google Analytics for metrics

Mobile web app: no installation required

White-labeling options
Online and offline usage  Multi-currency & multi-language support 


A set of APIs for automation

E.g., itinerary import & creation as well as itinerary booking export to allow for external accounting reconciliation.

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