A Hyper - Personalised planning and booking tool

TripBuilder is the most advanced automated platform for real-time planning and booking of personalised travel experiences. The software allows users to design and modify complex travel itineraries according to personal requirements in a few simple steps. With TripBuilder, travel businesses can effectively optimise revenue and elevate the travel experience.


Solution Components 



Selection of curated trip

  • Tour suggestions derive from templates that are built and stored in the inventory of the system.
  • For FIT, a “from scratch option” is available as well.
  • Displayed are main predefined programmes that have the option to book a pre-and a post-service as well.

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Hyper-personalised itinerary planning

  • Benefit from live availability of external supply or use inventory-based products.
  • Add travel products such as hotels, activities, flights, ground transport, and rental cars from an online supplier (always with live pricing and availability).
  • Insert travel products from your own, offline sources (your DMCs or your direct contacts). 
  • Generate travel documentation from your itinerary anytime, with a simple click. Download it as a PDF.

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The checkout can be customised as well.

Our standard checkout consists out of:

  • Online Booking
  • Booking Request
  • CRS Handover

If you do a booking request:

  • an email notification will be sent
  • booking will be visible in the Cockpit
  • the booking can be exported with Booking API

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Customer Care

Booking Manager & Travel Document Generator

  • Overview of all itineraries based on their planning/booking status 
  • Detailed overview of prices of each component, including their margin 
  • Detailed information of the traveller 
  • Direct link to travel documentation and vouchers

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Inventory System 

  • Manage templates and packages 
  • Manage areas 
  • Create inventory products
    (e.g. own contracted supply)
  • Store pictures for your inventory templates and products 

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Control everything 

  • Currencies & FX Rates
    (automated or own)
  • Markup Settings 
  • Cancellation & Processing Fees
  • Travel Agencies (Based on Setup)
  • User Management 
  • TripBuilder Customer Settings

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Integration Capabilities

Nezasa is focused on providing the best possible integration into your existing setup.

As a Nezasa customer, you can start light (without any integration effort) and then customise the solution later down the road.

Connect our solution easily to your back-office systems, CRM, content management systems, custom supply systems, or custom-built UIs. Nezasa’s powerful, comprehensive set of APIs makes it happen!

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Supplier & Partners

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TripBuilder APIs

Discovery API

Search curated trips and retrieve descriptions and pictures.

Planning API

Create a personalised trip from scratch or based on a curated trip. You may also plan details of the trip (start date, hotels, activities, etc.).

Booking API

Trigger, book or cancel actions. Retrieve complete bookings and their components.



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