Areas form a major component of the itineraries as they are used as itinerary stops. They delimit the area where customers can overnight, and it allows them to choose from the available activities and accommodations.

They include several descriptive elements, as well as pictures, to give an overview of the route of the tour.

Areas must be created in the inventory before they can be used in templates and products, so the area can be referenced to the exact location and displayed correctly on the map.

Where are areas used? 

  • Within a template, as area descriptions
    • To offer a specific area as a stop in the Template Management
    • To create an area description for a stop in a template and to display that specific description on Discovery Detail, in the Planner, and on the Travel Documentation

  • Within a product, as a stop indication for activities
    • To pull the exact start/end location of activities
    • To add additional areas as indicators of the overall activity
  • Within a product, as a radius for accommodation and activity search 
    • To define the radius of a stop in which accommodation and activities can be displayed (accommodations outside of the area's radius are not displayed on the Planner)

Please Note

The list of airports is automatically populated based on a generic-purpose airport list. Please always review such that only the touristically relevant airports for that same area are listed.

Steps to create Areas

  • Go to Inventory 
  • Click on Package Builder
  • Click on Areas

Please Note

All our customers are enabled for the Nezasa Global Content Marketplace featuring 30+ areas and location descriptions. 


In order to prevent unnecessary duplication, please check whether the area already exists in the inventory.  

  • Click on the button Create New Area on the right-hand side
    • Enter the desired location and then choose the correct one from the drop-down menu
    • Click Advanced Information to see the exact location of the pin on the map
    • If the location is set correctly, click on Create

How to adjust an Area? 

After creating an Area, a new window opens automatically, showing the details of the newly created area. 


An area can also be chosen from the overview in order to adjust details later.

The most common adjustments are:

  • Adjusting the short name in order for it to be displayed as desired on the Discover, Planner, and Travel Documentation 
  • Adding or adjusting the kilometres, i.e. Radius, in order to pull all hotels and activities within that proximity
  • Adjusting the location point of the area to optimise the hotel and activity search radius 

It is possible to adjust other options as well:


Area ratings are used within the route builder and determine the importance of an area displayed on the map using the red toggle.

  • Areas with higher ratings, 4-5, are displayed with the initial load of the map. (Primary area) 
  • Areas with lower ratings are displayed when zooming in. (Secondary area) 
Full Name

The full name is automatically pulled from the external location service. It is the exact indication of where the pin has been set.

Please note: the full name does not display on the Discover, Planner, and Travel Documentation.

Short Name 

The short name is the name that will be displayed on the Frontend. 

It can be adjusted as desired, e.g. New York can be adjusted to New York City if this is what should be displayed on the Frontend.

Metropolitan Area The IATA code for the metropolitan area can be entered here.
Nearby airports

The list of nearby airports is automatically generated by the system by using a general-purpose airport database.

Important: Review the list of airports referenced and optimise it such that the list of IATA codes only contains touristically relevant airports.

Hotel Search Radius

The maximal distance determines which accommodations will be offered to the customer in that area.

It defaults to 30km if not defined. 

Please note: Accommodations that are not within the radius will not be displayed on the Planner. 

Activity Search Radius

The maximal distance determines which activities will be offered to the customer in that area. 

Please note: Activities that are not within the radius will not be displayed on the Planner. 

Location This is the location entered during creation.
By either adjusting the location directly or by moving the pin manually, the location can be adjusted.





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