Learn how to apply a booking change to a booked itinerary in customer care

This article describes how to perform a post-booking change in the Nezasa cockpit. 

Please Note: This feature is only available for Premium Plans or higher and needs to be enabled in the back-end. For more information, please contact your account manager or Support Team

How to modify an itinerary 

Post-booking changes are made via the Nezasa Cockpit in Customer Care and can only be applied to confirmed itineraries.

The following instruction will give you a detailed overview of how to change an existing booking. 

Steps to modify an itinerary

  • Open the respective itinerary in the cockpit, under customer care 
  • Click on Initiate Booking Change under the Action button 


  • The itinerary is set to Change Initiated status 
  • The link to modify the itinerary on the planner is displayed in the Open Booking Change section
  • A toggle next to Itinerary allows you to switch between the Original and Alternative view of the itinerary


  • Click on the link to Modify the Itinerary on the Planner
  • Itinerary will be opened in the planner 
  • Possible adjustments/changes can be made to:
    • Accommodation
    • Activities
    • Rental Car

Please Note: Changes to booked accommodation, activities and rental cars will trigger a cancellation of the original component and will require a new booking of the newly selected component. 

  • When adjustments have been made in planner, the user clicks on the button Continue in Cockpit
  • The itinerary will be displayed in Customer Care
  • Click on Complete Booking Change under the Actions button


Tip: You may click on Discard Booking change to return to the original itinerary. 

  • Pop-up Complete Booking Changes will be displayed.
  • User can choose from the following options:
    • Set a processing fee per pax or in total
    • With fee
    • Without fee
    • Keep original sales price
    • Apply a total discount


  • Itinerary is set to Change in progress status 
  • An overview with booking updates will be displayed
  • Booking change is completed


After the booking changes have been made, the data of the itinerary will be updated accordingly including the travel documentation. 

Please Note: 

  • Once flights have been booked and tickets are issued, changes or cancellations can not be made via the Nezasa System.
  • Bookings, including insurances, can not be changed.




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