Introduction to Tour Operator Tools

The so-called TO-Tools allow performing options of saving, viewing, and adjusting an itinerary. The TO-Tools can be found on the upper right-hand side of the itinerary in the Planner. 


The To-Tools drop-down menu offers options to encompass certain additional adjustments that can be made to an itinerary, such as creating a template from the itinerary or adding ad-hoc components. 

The following options are available: 

Option Description Article 
Optional Service Charges 

Optional Service Charges (OSC) are hidden fees that can be added by travel agents while planning an itinerary. 

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Create Template from Itinerary  Allows to save and publish an itinerary as template for further reuse.  Read more
Ad-Hoc Components The ad-hoc component feature allows adding offline contracted products to an itinerary while planning. 

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Itinerary Remarks 

The itinerary remark functionality will allow you to add remarks to the whole itinerary, a stop of the itinerary, or any selected component of the itinerary.

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Base Services 

Base Services are additional components, which have a fixed pricing for a set duration. They offer the option to shorten or extend the duration of service, subtracting or adding a specified amount from the fixed price.

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Read-Only Offer View

Enabling the read-only offer view creates a link for the Tour Operator which allows the customer to view but not adjust the itinerary in the Planner.

Edit Customer The edit customers feature allows making changes to the personal data of the main traveler.  Read more 

Please Note: 

The tools themselves are only visible to Tour Operator users.



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