Introduction to the Cockpit Dashboard

The cockpit is the interface and place of the Nezasa system where all itineraries are stored, products, tours, and itineraries are created, and settings can be configured. 


The cockpit dashboard functions as direct access to the different parts of the cockpit application. 

Option Description Article 
Customer Care  Gives access to all your customer itineraries: it allows you to search itineraries by customer name or ID, generates travel documentation, or confirm/cancel bookings. Read more
Inventory In the inventory, you can define and manage your templates and travel products. White-label portals allow you to control which templates are shown on the website. Read more
Settings  You may define the settings of your inventory and your white-label portal. The settings are only accessible by admin users. Read more
Support  For general assistance issues or to inform us if something does not work as expected. Support Ticket 



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