Introduction to Inventory

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The inventory, located inside of the Nezasa Cockpit, is where all the products, modules, and templates are created and managed. It is the place where the actual trip and tour templates are built and published in order to be displayed and used in the Discovery and Planner pages. 


Sections and their Content 

The following articles serve as an aid on how to create, build and manage all the products, modules and templates offered in the product management and package builder.

Option Description Article
Package Builder This is where your offered tours are created and managed. In this section, Templates and Modules are built, and areas and descriptions can be added and saved. Read more

The product section allows you to create your own inventory products including description, availability, pricing, etc.

Products can be used in modules and templates, and be offered to the customer during the planning process of a Tour inside the Planner. 

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The supplier section allows you to create and manage supplier information within the TripBuilder inventory. 

The stored supplier information can be added to inventory products. 

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Picture Library  In the picture library, you can upload and store your own pictures and add them to your created areas, products, modules, and templates.  Read more
Events The events section tracks the changes which have been made by any user in your inventory products, modules, and templates.  -