Introduction to Settings

Under the Settings section of the Cockpit, several details and settings can be adjusted. 


The following setting options are available: 

Option Description Article
Distribution Channels   Distribution channels give you the tool to maintain several brands towards the market.  Read more
Content Rules Content Rule setting allows the delimitation of content by creating individual “Allow and/or Deny Lists”. Read more

This option allows you to store your important contacts.

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Buffer Times Buffer times allow time spans to be blocked before and/or after a certain event or activity.  Read more
Credit Cards Add credit card details (Marketplace)  -
Base Markups  Setting the correct price on a product or service is the key to profitability. Within the Nezasa TripBuilder system, you are able to set markups on different levels to define the right selling price for your services.  Read more
Markups by Channel 
Markups by Agency 
Cancellation Policies & Processing Fees Cancellation policies for Templates can be managed in Settings. Read more
FX Rates

Automatic currency & foreign exchange rates adjustment. 

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Batch Updates of Prices

There is a batch update function to modify the prices of a certain product type in one go.

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User Management 
Travel Agencies  Travel Agency Management  Read more
Users User Management & Permissions Read more
Reports Request System Reports  Read more
System Events

System events are automatically created and give information on different actions performed by the system.

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Please Note:

Settings are only accessible for users with administrative rights.