All customers with access to the Inventory can now manage if the RouteBuilder should be enabled or not in the Planner on Template level

Based on the general Distribution Channel Setting, the RouteBuilder in the Planner is either disabled or enabled for all FIT Templates published through a distribution channel. 

Note: If you do not know if the RouteBuilder is enabled for your, just check if the link Edit Route is displayed in the Planner. If yes, then the RouteBuilder is enabled. 

Steps to set the RouteBuilder in Template level: 

  • Go to Inventory
  • Click on Package Builder and Itinerary Templates 
  • Checkout & open a published Template 
  • Click on the Miscellaneous Tab 
  • Select the required Show RouteBuilder Setting
    • Enabled for all users
    • Enabled for travel agents and employees
    • Enabled for employees only
    • Disabled
    • Inherit from Distribution Channel (default) 


  • Click Save and publish the Template again

Tip: This feature will enable you to combine fixed trip/packages with completely flexible RouteBuilder powered itineraries (e.g., regional/local self-drives) on the very same distribution channel.

Learn more about the general feature setting in Distribution Channel here



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