By default, TripBuilder uses noreply@tripbuilder.app as the sender address for emails sent in your name to travel agencies and consumers. This advanced white-labelling feature is available to customers with premium and enterprise plans. 

Why should I white-label my FROM address?

There is no technical requirement to do so, however, there are good reasons to do so nevertheless:

  • Hide TripBuilder
    You want to completely hide the brand "TripBuilder" and want to make it look like the technology comes from you. 
  • Reply Option
    The standard FROM address noreply@tripbuilder.app is not backed by any inbox. Therefore, by white-labelling, you can use an address that has an inbox so that users can directly reply to an email.

How much does it cost? 

The feature is included in the premium and enterprise plan. For the lower plans, the feature is not available. 

What about spam risk? 

This is a very relevant and important topic. Nezasa has partnered with SendGrid, a global provider of email delivery services. Emails will be sent via SendGrids infrastructure and in order to protect against spam, SendGrid uses DKIM. That's why the setup includes adding CNAME entries to your DNS configuration. 

How to set up white-labelled domains?

  1. Define your FROM email address. It should have the same domain as your setup usually.
  2. Create a support ticket with your request, already providing the FROM email address.
  3. Nezasa will prepare the white-labelled email sending.
  4. Add the CNAME records to your DNS config that will be provided by Nezasa as a result of step 3. Once done, inform Nezasa that you have configured and published your updated DNS configuration. You will need to add 3 CNAME entries.
  5. Nezasa will start the confirmation process of SendGrid which will check if everything was configured correctly by you.
  6. Nezasa will now configure your white-labelled email address and henceforth, it will be used instead of noreply@tripbuilder.app.

How to add a CNAME record?

Please consult the respective chapter of the following article: How to white-label my domain?



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