Automatic currency & foreign exchange rates adjustment

The exchange rates are updated for each of the currencies, indicating the last updating date in the "Valid from" column.

The Auto-Managed FX Rates feature is generally enabled for all marketplace customers. The system imports the rates twice per week, on Tuesday and Thursday, from an external FX rates source (Currency Layer). The listed rates are, therefore, read-only. The configured safety margin is added automatically on top.


Managing currency & foreign exchange rates manually

However, our Premium & Enterprise customers have the possibility to manage FX rates manually. In order to do so, the option Auto-Managed FX Rates must be disabled. 

The exchange rates can be manually adjusted by clicking on the editing sign, i.e. the pen.


Steps to edit a currency exchange rate: 

  • Click on the edit pen on the right-hand side of the currency exchange rate which should be adjusted.
  • A pop-up window opens where you can edit the 
    • Exchange Rate 
    • Valid from date
      (The validity can be set to a day in the future or as from now, but not in the past.)
  • Click on Update Exchange Rate

The adjusted exchange rate and date will be automatically saved. 

Please Note: Adding the default currencies in order for them to display, can be done on request by Nezasa. 




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