Nezasa's TripBuilder comes with pre-defined texts in multiple languages. Customizing the labels and text used by the application is generally not possible except for a few use cases where TripBuilder offers configuration options.

Configuration Options

  • Labels of primary buttons of the main steps (discovery, planner, checkout) can mostly be configured.
  • Texts related to terms in the checkout can be configured by you.
  • The footer of emails sent by TripBuilder can be configured.

Custom Email Texts

While not required as there are built-in texts for all emails, customers on the Enterprise plan can opt to overwrite the static texts of certain emails. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I suggest improvements to certain texts?

Of course, we are happy to get improvement suggestions. Given that the suggestion is generic and works overall for TripBuilder, the product may then adjust it accordingly.

For German, can we use "ss" instead of "ß"? 

No, this is not supported. Nezasa uses the official spelling of for German. 

For German, can users be addressed with "Du" instead of "Sie"?

No, there is no such option. The German texts address in a formal way with "Sie". 



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