Learn how to create a new user for your TripBuilder and give access to your co-workers! Please be aware that only the users with an Employee-Admin profile are able to create new users. 

Steps to create users: 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Users on the left sight panel
  • Click the button Create User 
  • Enter the Email address of the new user (*required) 
  • Enter the First and Last Name of the new user 
  • Select the Profile (Read more)
  • Enter your Company Affiliation (*required) 
    • this is your Company ID
  • Click Save to create the new user

The newly created user will receive permission via the entered email address. The email will contain a direct link to the TripBuilder application and will be invited to set a user password. 

Once the password has been set, the newly created user will be able to access TripBuilder. 

Please Note

Email addresses cannot be adjusted afterwards. If the email address changes, a new user must be created.



Nezasa maintains strict security and access protocols for our software.

To that end, we have recently implemented a change to remove password reset links from emails logged in system events in the Tripbuilder Cockpit, to ensure the user who owns the account and the email address can access the password reset link via their email inbox.

The password reset links will only work in the actual email generated to the user's email inbox.




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