What is EU Travel Package Directive? 

The Package Travel Directive (2015/2302/EU) protects the rights of the European travellers’ when booking package holidays, for example in terms of cancellation, liability, repatriation, and refunds. It applies to both European and foreign traders selling travel packages to European travellers, be it directly or via a retailer.

This means that, even if you don’t sell your travel products directly to European travellers, you should be familiar with the Package Travel Directive since European tour operators may transfer their requirements on to you, especially as the Directive makes them responsible for all the services included in the packages that they sell.

The EU regulations cover pre-arranged package holidays as well as self-customised packages, where the traveller chooses different elements from a single point of sale. 

Check the Package Travel flow chart of the European Union for more details below. 

For guidelines in German check here:  

Pauschalreiserichtlinien (PRRL)

What features does Nezasa include to guarantee EU Travel Package Directive coverage?

Within the TripBuilder application, we have the possibility to enable the EU Travel Package Directive compliance check for package tours. The implementation is based on the Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on package travel and linked travel arrangements.

  • If enabled, a validation check on the components of the itinerary will run: at least two services must be on the itinerary to pass the validation check and to reach the checkout point. 

  • If the validation fails, we will then show the user the following message: Package tour guidelines not fulfilled


  • The itinerary is considered EU Travel Package Directive compliant if there are at least 2 components of different types included, and if both components have a price greater than zero.
  • If one component has a price of zero or a pricing type set to included, the validation will fail. 

Please Note: The EU Travel Package Directive check is not enabled per default. If you are selling a package tour under European Law and need the check to be enabled, please get in touch with us. 



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