Please Note

The feature flag is currently not revealed to customers within the settings. Get in touch with our support team for more details. 


Modify the pricing of all products included in a product type

There is a batch update functionality that allows price modification of a certain inventory product type in one go. The prices will automatically be updated for every single product of one product type, e.g. accommodations.

Steps to update prices via batch update

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Batch Update of Prices 
  • Choose the Product Type from the drop-down menu.
    • Accommodation 
    • Transfer
    • Activities
    • Base Service 
    • Rental Car 
  • Add the Percentage that you would like the products to be increased by.
  • Add the Rounding precision, the number of digits after the comma on which the price should display precisely, e.g. 1 = 1.1 / 2 = 1.11 / 3 = 1.111
  • Choose the Rounding Mode
    • Round Half Up 
    • Round Half Down
  • Click Execute Modification
    • All prices of the selected product type will be updated as well the publication status. 


At the bottom of the Batch Update of Prices page, you will have an overview of all the previous pricing modification requests. 

Please note:

We suggest executing such a change on your staging environment before doing so on the productive system. This will allow you to check if everything works correctly and that the output shows as expected.


Explanation of fields

  • Product Type: The pricing of all products of the chosen Product Type will be modified.
  • Percentage: The percentage by which to increase (positive) or decrease (negative) the prices.
  • Rounding Precision: The number of decimals to round the resulting prices to.
  • Rounding Mode: The method by which to round the resulting prices. Possible values are:
    • Round Half Up: A price of 1.05 with precision 1 (round to 1 decimal) becomes 1.1
    • Round Half Down: A price of 1.05 with precision 1 (round to 1 decimal) becomes 1.0

The pricing of all the products, included in the selected product type, is modified, e.g.:

  • Room Category Pricing (Accommodations only)
  • Service Category Pricing (Activities and Transfers)
  • Fixed Pricing (Base Services only)
  • Additional Day Pricing (Base Services only)
  • Amenity Pricing (all except Base Services)

Depending on the publication status of a product, the following happens:

  • New: The product is modified and retains the status New.
  • Draft with no published revision: The product is modified and retains the status Draft.
  • Draft with a published revision: The published revision is checked out, modified and republished. The draft revision is modified and has its revision number increased.
  • Published: The product is checked out, modified, and republished.