Pictures must be uploaded in the Picture Library before they can be added to the different areas, products and templates.

Steps to add pictures to the library:

      • Go to Cockpit / Inventory / Picture Library
      • Click on the main folder 
      • Create a New Folder to sort your pictures in a structured way 

Uploading Process 

      • Click Picture Upload in the action menu.
      • Click on Choose Files and search for the image you want to add.

Please Note

Only one picture at a time can be uploaded. If the resolution of the picture is too low, the system will send an error message. Pictures need to have a good, preferably excellent, quality. The maximum file size is 10MB.

      • Crop the picture to the correct size as it should be displayed on the Front-end. (No matter how small or large the square, the output size on the Front-end will be the same.)
      • Save the picture and add the basic information 
Caption Title of the picture that will be shown in Front-end
Keywords Additional keywords to search for the picture inventor 
Area Location of the picture 
License Holder Your company name will be selected by default
Usage Permission  Choose if the picture can be used by All Nezasa Partners or Only the License Holder


Please Note

If a picture is added to an area, template or module, and later modified in the Picture Library after being published, the changes will not be transferred to the published version.

Hence, the picture needs to be manually replaced with the new version.



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