Nezasa's TripBuilder platform allows different types of booking workflows, depending on the White-labeler configuration in Settings:

Live Booking - Checkout Flow

For products that are linked to external supplier systems (via API) it is possible to check their live availability and make bookings directly on the platform. No manual confirmation is required from the Tour Operator. (Checkout steps are as mentioned above.) 

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Mixed Booking - Checkout Flow

In this workflow, it is possible to have a combination of source products and inventory or ad-hoc products that require manual intervention from the Tour Operator. (Checkout steps are as mentioned above.) 

This means that the inventory or ad-hoc added products need to still be booked manually after the booking has been completed by the user. 

Reservation Based - Checkout Flow

For this checkout workflow, the user will need to request a reservation and then the booking process is controlled entirely by the white-labeller to confirm the reservation.

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