Create New Cancellation Policy

Steps to create cancellation policy: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Cancellation Policies & Processing Fees
  • Click on the button New Cancellation Policy (upper right end of the screen)
  • Enter a Name for the policy and select the referring Distribution Channel from the drop-down 


  • Click Save

Add the Rule Set

Steps to define the Rule: 

After saving a new cancellation policy, you will be directed to the following screen to enter your Rule Set.


  • Select your Cancellation with Discount Strategy. This is the strategy of calculating the cancellation costs in combination with a discount applied as the discount. For example, are the cancellation costs applied to the sales price after/before applying the discount for example. Two strategies are currently supported:
    • Cancellation on full price (Calculate the cancellation costs on the full, undiscounted price. Then subtract the absolute discount from the cancellation cost.)
    • The same percentage (Only allow "flat" cancellation policies, i.e., the same percentage for all product types. Then the cancellation costs can be calculated from the discounted price.)
  • Add the Minimal Fee to each currency 
  • Add your Rule Set
    • Enable for flights, use the TTL as the start date instead of the itinerary start date for flights. 
      • It allows the calculation of dynamic cancellation policies for flights combined with ground service static cancellation conditions. Bildschirmfoto_2022-04-05_um_21.03.21.png 
    • The first line of the ruleset is displayed. Via the add button, you can add as many rule set lines as desired. (See the example in the screenshot above.)
  • Click Save
  • To publish the policy, click on the button next to Save and select Publish
  • You will be asked to Confirm the publication 


You must add a 0% rule that consists of [Number of Days] to [end]. See screenshot 31 days to end days 0%

Set Default Cancellation Policy 

The cancellation policy can be set as the default policy. The default policy will be assigned to itineraries without a cancellation policy.

Steps to set a Default Cancellation Policy: 

  • On the Cancellation Policies & Processing Fees overview page, you will find your created Policy 


  • Click the button Set Default Policy
  • A pop-up window opens with a drop-down to select a default cancellation policy from the list
  • Select the policy and click Save 

The current default policy will state your selected cancellation policy. 

Adding Cancellation Policies to Templates

The published cancellation policy can be explicitly added to the Template on the Miscellaneous tab of the Template. 

Steps to add a cancellation policy to a template: 

  • Go to Inventory
  • Click on a template you want to add a cancellation policy to
  • Checkout & Open the Template 
  • Click on the Miscellaneous Tab 
  • Add the cancellation policy via the drop-down functionality
  • Click Save and Publish the template again


Please Note

Cancellation policies can only be applied on the Template level. The set rules apply only to the products in the specific Template, where the policy is set on the Miscellaneous Tab. They do not apply to any other products created in the Cockpit.

Display in Checkout

The added cancellation policy will be shown during the checkout process to the user. 




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