Overview of the Package Builder

Templates and Modules can be created in the Package Builder. To access the package builder 

  • Go to Cockpit 
  • Click on Inventory and 
  • Click on Package Builder 


This is where your offered tours and trips are created and managed. In this section, Templates and Modules are built, and areas and descriptions can be added and saved.

The following pages serve as introductory information, tutorials, and guidelines on how to create and manage itineraries, i.e. Templates and Modules. 

Option Description  Article
Itinerary Templates  A template acts as a blueprint of a tour. Published templates are examples of trips that are displayed on the Discovery page.  Read more
Modules Different types of Modules can be created and reused as many times as needed, allowing different Itinerary Template possibilities. Read more
Highlights Highlights are an add-on to an area description and can be used to give additional insights to a location.  Read more
Areas Areas form a major component of itineraries, as they are used as stops.  Read more
Area Descriptions Area Descriptions are used to describe an area, i.e. a stop along an itinerary.  Read more



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