The system offers various possibilities to build and display Modules and Templates on the Frontend. This article serves as an overview of the offered possibilities. 

Template & Module

The basic setup of a Trip is done as follows:

  • Products are created and added to Modules → Modules are created and added to Templates → the Template is the blueprint tour that is displayed in the Frontend.
  • Modules can act as exchangeable components of a tour and are displayed as exchangeable options in the Frontend.
  • Depending on the content, the type of Module needs to be set in the Backend.
  • The defined Module Type has an impact on the display of the tour on the Frontend.


Possible Tour Options

  • Stop-to-Stop Options
    • with Rental Car, Transfers or both 
  • Group, Private Tours or Cruises  
    • with or without exchangeable pre-and/or post-programs

Template Type 

When a template is created, the itinerary trip type is set, per default, to Standard (Pre/Main/Post). No changes are required here. With this itinerary trip type, many different template setups can be created.


Type  Modules Description 
Standard (Pre/Main/Post) 

without Module 

  • Stops and products are directly added to the template
  • Stop can be moved, deleted, and exchanged on the Planner
  • Products can be added and removed depending on the users liking 

with Modules

  • Can consist of only 1-3 modules (Pre-Main-Post) with a set order
  • Pre and Post options are exchangeable components of a Tour in Planner 
  • Main Module can be either a:
    • FIT Module 
    • Tour Module 
    • Singe Hotel Module 
  • Same counts for the exchangeable pre and post options



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