The Partner Portal is the place where you start your TripBuilder journey after you have logged in. 


Please Note:

The above screenshot shows all the available links and actions on the Partner Portal. Depending on your Product Plan and User settings, the links and actions you see may vary. 

The Partner Portal dashboard works as a direct access point to the different parts of the TripBuilder application. 

Topic  Description Article 

Our Tours 


Our Tours is a link to the discovery where your templates (i.e your offered tours) are displayed. These Templates can be created within the Inventory. 

Branded Tours are curated trips provided by DMO's and Nezasians to promote different destinations. All of our Marketplace customers will find a link to our Branded Tours section on the Discover page of TripBuilder.

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Our Tours

Branded Tours

Customer Itineraries

Under Customer Itineraries, all itineraries and bookings are listed and are accessible for agent users. 

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Published Templates  (see Our Tours)   
Cockpit  The cockpit is the interface and place of the Nezasa system where all itineraries are stored, products, tours and itineraries are created, and settings can be configured.  Read more

Support Hub provides you with a direct link to our support page, i.e. Knowledge Base. 

Create Support Ticket provides you with a direct link to our support ticket form. In case you have any questions or need support. 

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