Please Note:

This feature is only available for Premium Plans or higher and need to be enabled in the back-end. For more information, please contact your account manager or Support Team. 


Cancel a Booking 

To be able to cancel a booking in the cockpit the feature will need to be enabled, and the cancellation policy will need to be set per template in the settings. 

The article on Cancellation Policies will give you more information on how to set cancellation policy details on the template level. 

Steps to cancel a booking:

  • Open the respective itinerary in the cockpit
  • Click on Cancel Booking under the Action button 


  • A pop-up Cancel Booking will show. If you have previously set a cancellation policy in the settings, the cost will be applied. (1)


  • Ticking the box Apply different cancellation cost, will allow the user to set a new cancellation cost for the booking. (2)
  • Click on OK
  • The booking status changes to Cancellation in Progress or Cancellation Completed




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