Learn how to create Highlights for Area Descriptions

Adding a Highlight to an Area description is completely optional. The way it displays on the template card, inside the Discovery page and in the detail view, indicates the main sightseeing spots of an Area. 

In order to create a Highlight, please make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Desired short name which will be displayed on the Discovery and Planner pages
  • Short text about the specific highlight
  • Exact location

Steps to create Highlights 

  • Go to Inventory
  • Click on Package Builder 
  • Click on Highlights
Click on Create Highlight and add the necessary information in the opening window:
  • A short name
  • A short description
  • Choose the specific category
  • Choose the exact location using Google maps


After successfully saving the new highlight, it will be listed in the overview section.


How to add Highlights to an Area description? 

  • Go to Inventory
  • Click on Package Builder 
  • Click on Area Description and select the desired area in which you wish to add the created highlight. 
    • Click on Add Highlight and choose the desired highlight.


    • Click on Done and repeat the above step until all highlights for this area have been added.
  • After all highlights have been added to the area description, click on Save and Publish the description again.

Display of Highlights in Discovery and Planner 

Highlights display as follows on the front end.

The first example shows the display of highlights in Discovery details, the second one in the Planner.



After clicking




Please note: Clicking on Show Highlights will open the same view as in the screenshot above, i.e. after clicking Read More on Explore.




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