Introduction to Modules

As seen previously, Itinerary Templates act as the main blueprint of the trip.

Itinerary Templates can be built in a stop-to-stop program plan, or in a modular approach, by using Itinerary Modules.

We have different types of Modules that can be used as many times as needed, allowing different Itinerary Template possibilities.

Standard Templates, offering pre-and post-programs, consist of a) non-exchangeable main modules and, b) a set of exchangeable pre and/or -post modules/programs. In order to use these modules correctly, they have to be created following a set of rules in order to be displayed correctly in the Frontend.

Module Types and Rules

Type  Description  Article 

Flexible Itinerary Templates (FIT) are a Stop-to-Stop program option (including/excluding Transit Activities/Transfers in the connections) 

  • Used for flexible tour modules, where nights can be adjusted and Stop Activities & Hotels can be exchanged
  • Used as default Transfer-only Modules
  • Used for Rental Car Templates included in the Route Builder
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Tour Only Transit Activities (Multi-day tours can be added)
  • Used for fixed tour modules, group tours, cruises & multi-day activities, and fixed rental car tours. 
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Single Hotel

1 Stop Option, including Hotels and Transfers

  • Used mainly in exchangeable Modules for Templates offering pre- and/or post-programs.
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Example of the Module Types


This Module contains various stops that include hotelsactivities, and transfers. 60d2f2c714a70.png

This Module contains only a Transfer and is mainly used as default pre-and post-programs in Standard Template.



This Module contains only a Fixed Tour/Transit Activity.


Single Hotel

This Module contains only one stop, including a choice of hotels, and a transfer to and from the stop, which is mainly used as an exchangeable pre- and post-programs in the corresponding Template.


Exchangeability of Modules

Modules can be used as exchangeable components of a tour. When and how Modules are exchangeable depends on the type of Template/Tour loaded.

Loading Preparations

In order to load content to a Module, please make sure you have the following information readily available, depending on which Module type you want to load:

  • Single Transfers created
  • Transit Activity created 
  • All Transfers and Hotels created 
  • High-quality pictures added to all products



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