Child Reduction or Child Prices can be defined as special offers on the different products which allow for controlling of the price based on configured age ranges. 

Please Note

The feature is not generally enabled. In order to test and/or use the feature, please contact support

Child reduction can currently only be added and applied for inventory products. (Most supplier APIs do not support child prices so far.) 

Steps to add child reduction to a product

  • Go to Cockpit 
  • Click on Inventory 
  • Select any Product you want to add a child reduction to 
  • Checkout & Open the product 
  • Go to the Room Categories or Service Categories Tab 


  • Click on Add Special Offer 
    • Add a Name for the special offer 
    • Select the special offer Type = Child Reduction 
    • Click on Add Offer 


    • Enter the Name of the special offer 
    • Select the Age Range 
    • Choose the Price Type  
      • Price (Absolute) 
        • For a certain PAX, takes the per PAX price as defined on the service/room category, and increases/reduces it by the configured amount.
      • Price Change (Amount) 
        • Increases/reduces the total price calculated for the service/room category.
      • Price Change (Percentage) 
        • Increases/reduces the total price calculated for the service/room category by the configured percentage. 

Please Note

A product can define a group price and a per-pax price. Depending on what was chosen, the discount cannot be defined the same way.

Pricing Type

(of room/service category)

Special Offer Options by Pax Age

  • absolute price change (negative or positive) per PAX in age range

  • percentage price change (negative or positive) per PAX in age range

  • absolute price (positive) per PAX in age range

Per Group/Room
  • absolute price change (negative or positive) per PAX in age range

  • special offers are not available overall
    • Define Price
    • Add further offers to be able to define different age rages and prices


  • Click on Add Season  
    • Enter the Start and End Date of the special 
      • Add as many seasons as needed 


  • Click Save


The child reduction will be automatically applied for the product in the front end.

If the product is added to an itinerary that includes a child and the specific age range, the total price for the itinerary will be automatically adapted. 

Please Note

  • Tripbuilder does not hold the definition of which ages are considered children. On instantiating an itinerary travelers will be able to select child travelers with ages up to 18 years old.
  • Tripbuilder will use the traveler's age to request offers from all our different suppliers, and depending on the product, supplier, and their definition of a child, they will send us offers including reduced prices for children, when available.

Important: Often, our suppliers do not send us the offer price per PAX, thus Tripbuilder cannot say how much the child price was.




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