On the transport search screen in the planner different search and filter functionalities are available to allow the user to find the best fitting flight/transportation for their trip. These filters can be configured as followed. 

Steps to configure your transport search filters

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Distribution Channels
  • Click on your TripBuilder ID
  • Go to the Planner Tab and scroll to Transport Search and Filtering 


Details about the different filter options

Flight Classes

The Flight Classes filter configuration defines which class options are available to be selected in the drop-down.

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Baggage Filter

The Baggage Filter allows filtering tickets including and excluding baggage. This filter is currently only supported for the supplier SoftConEx and AERTicket. (Therefore for can not be applied for all customers with a KIWI.com integration.)


Price, Max Travel Time, Max Layover, Carriers, Stops & Times Filters

Decide of the following filters should be enabled or disabled and on their position: 

  • Price Filter
  • Maximum Travel Time
  • Maximum Layover Time
  • Carrier Filter 
  • Stops Filter
  • Times Filter

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Connection Filter 

This filter allows users to filter transports by selecting one transportation leg as the base of the search, and reduce offers scope based on filter selection. 

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