Manuel Update 

When updating the seasons and prices for the inventory products, the "From-Prices" of the template must be regenerated manually in order to display the updated "From-Prices" on Explore Overview or, if used, over the Discovery API.


Updating the From-Prices on a template involves the following steps:

  1. Identify the template
  2. Checkout the template
  3. Hit the Regenerate button 
  4. Publish the template again

Automatic Update

As updating the "From-Prices" for a bunch of templates can be very time consuming, Nezasa offers automatic Updates of From-Prices on request to its customers. The automatic price update might not be included in your Service Plan. Contact Nezasa Customer Service or your account manager for a personalised offer.

The automatic From-Prices update works as follows:

  • A script is activated which runs an automatic re-generation of From-Prices on a weekly basis.
  • The newly calculated prices are automatically rounded up to 5 for 0-5, and 9 for 6-9.
  • The customer gets a report to its admin email on every script run. Example:
Dear CustomerName team,

For the following templates and modules the from-prices were updated:

Templates: Successful updates:
* t0023092 Blühendes Wüstenland Jordanien - inklusive Flug
* t0022866 Islands Nordlichter
* t0022863 Sonderangebot - Mallorca, Universal Hotel Lido Park

Templates: Failed updates:
* t0021961 In Planung: Natur pur in West-Kanada - inklusive Flug
* t0021960 In Planung: Kulturenmix in Ost-Kanada - inklusive Flug
* t0021959 In Planung: USA - Highlights des Westens - inkl. Flug

Best regards
Your Nezasa team



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