You can use Generic Ad-Hoc Components to add services to the itinerary that are not reflected in the standard offering (e.g., extra bed for a child, special surcharges, etc.)

These Generic Ad-Hoc Components can also be used to add extra charges or discounts to the itinerary, and you also can mark them as not visible to customers.

Steps to add a generic ad-hoc component 

  • Click on TO-tools / TA-Tools

  • Click on Ad-Hoc Components

  • Click on + Add new Generic Ad-Hoc Component

  • A pop-up window will open so that you can enter the details:

    • Title (* mandatory)

    • Supplier (not connected with the supplier inventory yet)

    • Booking Status

    • Description*

    • Net/Sales Price*

    • Option to mark as not visible to customers (if you input any price, it will modify the total of the itinerary, but the customer won’t see the Title/Description of this ad-hoc. This can be used for discounts with a negative value or extra charges)


Once all details have been entered, hit Save.

After being created, this ad-hoc component can be changed/updated.

Updating an ad-hoc Component

You can update an Ad-Hoc component directly on the itinerary you’re creating, clicking on the pencil icon:


A new window will pop up, where you can make the necessary changes. After that, hit Save.

Updating ad-hoc Component in Customer Care

If a generic ad-hoc component was added to an itinerary, the component will be shown under Service & Price List of the Itinerary in Customer Care:

  • Go to Cockpit

  • Click on Customer Care

  • Click on the itinerary ID

  • Go to the Service & Price List page.

You’ll see the Generic Ad-Hoc components, and all the other components you might have created (Rental cars/flights/transport/accommodation/activities) will be in their respective fields.

The generic ad-hoc component is displayed as a component on the list with an editing option on the right-hand side:


By clicking on the editing icon, a pop-up window opens which allows applying changes to the component:


After editing, you can hit Save.



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