This article describes the process to request AVUXI TopPlaces API keys to use with your TripBuilder instance. If you struggle to generate the keys, we recommend checking AVUXI's support portal at or get in contact with AVUXI. 

For help with configuring the keys in TripBuilder, please reach out to Nezasa support.


To be able to create an AVUXI key you need to have an AVUXI account. If you have an AVUXI account you can proceed with the steps below. Please note that Nezasa supports two different AVUXI features, and it may depend on your AVUXI subscription to which you have access:


Steps to Create Your AVUXI Keys

Please find below steps on how to create your keys. A more in-depth description can be found on the support portal of AVUXI for heatmaps and location scores.

  1. Go to and log in with your AVUXI administration account.
  2. Click "Projects" in the top navigation header
  3. Click the button "Add New Project" and give the project a suitable name, e.g., "Nezasa TripBuilder". The new project gets created. 
  4. Start adding your AVUXI products to the project. First the heat maps. Click on "Map Layers".
  5. Select "Google Maps" and move to the next step.
  6. Adjust your heatmaps settings to your requirements. Here are recommendations to get started:
    1. Select "Popularity heatmaps" with the heatmap style "Rainbox". Set the opacity to 60%.
    2. Add "Points of Interest" and click the checkbox for "Show Sightseeing POIs only".
    3. Select the menu style "Box". You can keep the default settings for the menu.
    4. Click "Finish".
  7. The integration code pop-up can be confirmed by clicking the "Done" button. 
  8. Now, let's configure the next AVUXI product, the location scores. Click the button "Location Score Element"
  9. Choose the main template "Top Category" (feel free to further adjust to our needs).
  10. Keep the default settings for the design. Click "Save".
  11. The integration code popup can be confirmed by clicking the "Done" button.
  12. Make sure the project gets enabled by toggling the switch to "Enabled"
  13. In order that Nezasa can configure the AVUXI integration in TripBuilder you need to pass the Project ID, Map Id and the LSE Id to Nezasa, see the last chapter for details.

Enable Your Domain in AVUXI

AVUXI requires to configure the domains on which their products shall be loaded. If those domains are not configured, the AVUXI heatmaps or location scores will not load on your TripBuilder domains.

Please do the following, therefore:

  1. Go to and log in with your AVUXI administration account.
  2. Click "Credentials" in the top navigation header
  3. Enter * in the input field and click "Add website"
  4. If you have a white-labelled domain for TripBuilder then also add your personal domain and click "Add website". 

Also, see


Configure AVUXI Keys in TripBuilder

After having generated your AVUXI keys, go to TripBuilder and do the following.

  • Go to Cockpit
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on the Distribution Channel ID
  • Go to the 3rd-Party Integrations Tab
  • Scroll down to the AVUXI section and configure the AVUXI keys accordingly
  • Hit "Save"



In the production environment of TripBuilder, distribution channel settings are cached due to performance reasons. That's why it can take up to 10 minutes until you see your changes, i.e., seeing the AVUXI heatmap or location score active in the planner UI. The heatmaps are used by TripBuilder in the hotel search and hotel detail view, the location score is only in the hotel detail view.