AERTiCKET Group is one of the largest global air ticket wholesaler & fulfillment specialists. With over 30 years in business AERTickets counts: 

  • 1200 Employees with 25 nationalities
  • 6 million air tickets issued per year
  • 60 million air faires from over 100 countries 
  • 2.4 billion € in annual sales 
  • 400 million € tour operating revenue 

As a full-service provider, AER Group holds a full range of offerings and services. 

Consolidator Fully automated ticketing of flights from all relevant airlines in over 100 countries. 
Booking Engines Cockpit - Own booking platform & Nezasa's TripBuilder to serve our customers worldwide. 
Service  Hotline, Email support, and Chat for B2B clients. 
Tour Operator  Supports TO with Service, Ticketing, Cache Data.
Nezasa Marketplace AERTiCKET provides its dynamic content from flights, hotels, transfers, and much more to Nezasa Customers globally. 
International Operating in many countries. 


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