Datatrans is one of Nezasa's supported payment providers besides Payyo and Adyen. This page summarizes the most important characteristics of the integration with Datatrans and what configuration parameters are required to be retrieved from the Datatrans admin interface and passed to Nezasa's support for setting up Datatrans.


User Flow

When Datatrans is configured, the online payment in the checkout will be using Datatrans. The integration uses the hosted payment page solution of Datatrans. That means the user in the checkout clicks on "pay now" and is then forwarded to the hosted payment page of Datatrans. The process flow is, therefore, as follows:

  1. User clicks on "pay now" on the checkout payment page.
  2. The user gets redirected to the hosted payment page of Datatrans.
  3. The user performs payment.
  4. The user gets redirected back to TripBuilder.

This type of integration is called "Redirect & Lightbox" by Datatrans, also see

Datatrans Configuration

Please check the Datatrans documentation for insights about the options of your payment setup. In there, currency support provided payment methods for your hosted payment page, styling, and more is configured. 

To set up your Datatrans, after having ordered the Datatrans add-on, please provide the following information to Nezasa:

  • Datatrans merchant ID (usually a number)
  • Datatrans password (usually an alphanumeric string)
  • Datatrans HMAC-SHA256 signing key (a hex-encoded string)

The 3 parameters will then be configured for TripBuilder. The setup needs to be done per distribution channel, meaning a separate Datatrans account for each distribution can be defined. 

In the Datatrans admin, the most critical aspects of the configuration are:

  • UPP Administration → UPP Data
    Generally, no changes are needed here. Most of the information required, like callback URLs, is passed by TripBuilder to Datatrans in the request.

  • UPP Administration → Security
    Get the username and password for the server-to-server communication from here and check the box labelled "Protect server-to-server services with password: "

  • UPP Administration → Security →  Security Signature: 
    Generate a key which will be used to create a digital signature. This digital signature consists of the parameters aliasCC (optional), merchantId, amount in minor units, currency and the reference number, which are concatenated together and sent with every request.


Nezasa's STAGING and DEV environment use the sandbox environment of Datatrans. As a customer of Datatrans, you can create a sandbox account with Datatrans for free. Nezasa will have to configure the credentials described above, but in this case, from your sandbox account.

Further remarks:

  • Test Credit Cards: Please note that only test credit cards can be used in that environment. The list of test credit cards can be found in Datatrans' documentation:

  • Currencies: Please note that not all sales currencies may be active in your test account. If, for specific currencies, Datatrans payments keep failing, check with Datatrans if those currencies could be activated in your test account.

Further Remarks

How to enable/disable payment methods?

Everything within the Datatrans Hosted Payment Page is to be configured in your admin UI in Datatrans. For further help with your admin UI there, please reach out to Datatrans. 

Authenticate / Capture

When possible, TripBuilder always performs a payment authentication first, then books the travel components, and only when all that was successful the capturing on the credit card is triggered.

Payment Data in TripBuilder / PCI

Nezasa is not holding nor processing any of the relevant payment data. The user directly enters the data on the hosted payment page of Datatrans. The only data available to TripBuilder about the payment is a transaction ID provided by Datatrans, the amount, and anonymized data of the credit card, e.g., in the form of 1234 XXXX XXXX XXXX.


At the time being, refunds cannot be triggered from within TripBuilder. However, the Datatrans admin UI provides such functionality.

Do you support a Datatrans account per distribution channel?

Yes, TripBuilder supports configuring separate credentials for the distribution channels.

Do you support a Datatrans account per currency?

Currently, it is not possible to dynamically use different Datatrans accounts depending on the payment currency.

Online Payment - Datatrans Card Type Parameter 

Credit & debit cards are the most popular payment methods for online payments through Datatrans. Datatrans supports all international card brands, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

An overview of the different card brands, including parameters and acquirers, can be found here




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