This article documents insights, use case coverage, and characteristics of Nezasa's SunnyCars connector. SunnyCars is a rental car provider. The connector integrates directly with SunnyCars official API.


Supported Use Cases

Use Case Support Description
Search Offers Supported
Get Offer Details Supported
Availability Check Supported
Book Supported
Cancel Supported
Booking Change Not supported, a cancel/re-book needs to be performed.
Name Change Not supported, a cancel/re-book needs to be performed.
Reconciliation / Webhooks On request rental cars are automatically confirmed through the webhook integration.
Cancellation Policies via API Not Supported. Manually configured
Offer Terms & Conditions via API Supported

Pick-Up / Drop-Off City (not Airport)


Setting up new credentials 

It is important to be aware of the following topics when requesting the activation of SunnyCars credentials for your TripBuilder application.

SunnyCars Setup Procedure

In order to minimize setup errors, please see follow the below setup procedure with SunnyCars:

  1. Prepare a form/excel list with all the relevant account data (e.g. Name, Street address, market/currency specific settings). If known, please also add the Sunny Cars account number (AG)
  2. Send this form to the SunnyCars agency care department.

  3. The agency care team will add and confirm all relevant account data including XML API access and will also make sure that the webhooks (internally called: „Midoffice Notification“) are correctly enabled for Nezasa. 

If step 3 is not requested to SunnyCars team, all bookings created will be kept on "On Request" status without automatically changing their status. 

In case that for some reason step 3 was not completed and there are existing bookings before the date Webhooks were enabled, please contact our Customer Support team to handle the booking confirmation directly with the SunnyCars. 

Cancellation Policies

SunnyCars negotiates individual cancellation policies with each customer. Please be informed that customer specific cancellation policies need to be communicated to Nezasa's Support team when requesting the activation of the credentials. If not, generic cancellation policies will be applied. 


Please be aware of the following particularities in regards to testing:

No vouchers
The SunnyCars test environment is not providing vouchers. Nezasa has implemented a fake voucher generator for this case. 

Webhooks are not provided by the SunnyCars testing environment. Therefore, on request rental cars will not be confirmed in the test environment of Nezasa.