The booking window setting for itinerary creation on Discovery detail allows you to configure the minimum number of days before departure an itinerary can be planned and booked. 

This setting has the following impacts:

  • The start date selector on Discovery and Planner are pre-filtered accordingly and will only offer dates that are satisfying the booking window condition.


  • If a previously created, non-booked itinerary, is opened and is not complying anymore with the booking window, a notification is shown to the user in Planner and the itinerary cannot be booked with the selected date. 


Remark: The above-mentioned restrictions will not be enforced for Tour Operators users in order to allow intended last-minute bookings by the Tour Operator. The booking window is also not affected by booking change use cases.


Steps to configure the Booking Window dates:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Distribution Channels
  • Click on your TripBuilder ID
  • Click on the Discovery tab 
  • Scroll down to Itinerary Creation - Booking Window

Under configuration on the right-hand side define the number of days. 




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